Homemade Birthday Cards

happy birthdays to mom and  granny 2013

happy birthdays to mom and granny 2013

There’s something about hand-making  birthday cards. To start with, I enjoy receiving cards myself. Especially when it comes to holidays and birthdays, I always accumulate a little collection of cards. Then, I will keep my little pile of cards on display for about a month. Every glance at my colourful collection lined up on top my bookcase brings a warm feeling into the heart. They remind me of people who cares for me and I always appreciate their kind thoughts. This is the reason why I take card-giving seriously 🙂 As I shopped in front of the giant selection of cards, I thought to myself what can I make that person feel even more special? Why not make your own? The process of card making can be a process of pouring your caring thoughts into the little piece of craft you made for that special person. On the receiving end, I think my not-so-perfect card will carry the sincere message that says “you mean so much to me” ~


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