Summerdays: DIY Fabric Pinboards

let your imagination free

let your imagination free

Inspired by the new trend in the fabric art department, I’d like to share how to make your own fabric covered bulletin pinboards. I can’t help to fall in love with how easy and versatile these can be. These fabric covered pinboards retail from under $10 to as high as over $100. But what’s better than custom-made: something that really speaks your own personality out loud? Because these pinboards come in all shapes can sizes, and you can choose any pattern your heart desires to fit your style, I can’t think of any DIY project that is as simple and functional as these boards.

Instead of boring you to death with me rumbling on my affection towards pinboards, let’s get started 🙂

To demonstrate, I went for the easiest way possible with no measurement and cutting required.  I got a 12” by 12” piece of corkboard. For the fabric cover, I simply got several pieces of fat quarters from my local fabric store. Have you heard of fat quarters before? The name “fat quarter” amuses me: how can a piece of fabric be fat? Fat quarters are basics pieces of square fabrics that runs about 20”on each side (or 50cm). They are actually used a lot in quilting. For this particular project, I don’t recommend using fat quarters to cover larger boards because we want to leave enough fabric to be secured onto the backside of the board. The materials you need for this project is very simple:

-2 Essential materials:

  • Fat quarters
  • 12” by 12” Corkboards

-Optional materials:

  • Pins
  • Ribbons
  • Jewels (not the real ones that cost a fortune…)

-1 Essential tool:

  • Stapler


Step 1: Wrap the fabric around the corkboard and fold them towards the backside of the board

Step 2: Staple to secure the fabric to the backside of the board


This is what you are going to end up with if you decide to keep your design simple. I went for the “ombre” effect starting from the deep magenta to baby pink (left to right), and I also had lots of fun picking out the mishmash prints.

If you want to add ribbon matrix to your pinboards, please continue from here:


Step 3: Wrap pieces of ribbon that cuts diagonally across the boards and staple them to the backside. Don’t worry about being perfect because all of it it’s going to be hidden once you flip the boards over.

Step 4: Secure the intersections with pins. You can unleash your creativity with the pins. I don’t have enough material so I snipped the ends off some of my dress-making pins and use their heads (doesn’t this sounds horrifying?). I think it looks quite cute~DSC00006

Alternatively, I also experimented with hot glue gun to attach pieces of crystals I found in the dollarstore to some thumbtack nails to give the boards a more glamed effect.


To install these cuties on your wall, simply pin a piece of ribbon to the backside of these boards and display anywhere in your lovely homes! 🙂


Hope you enjoy this little project and having fun during the process.

By the way, I would also like to share this feature on my new camera: it turns a regular photo into digital paintings. Isn’t it fun?



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