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Home is always a dear place to my heart.  No matter if I’m living in tiny apartment or a big house, I try my best to make the space feel like home.  No matter how far I travel my heart longs for the safe haven that I can call it home.


You must be wondering what defines the word “home” for me. Basically I feel like home is somewhere I can comfort my heart and soul, somewhere I put in my personal touches and somewhere that I can share with my loved ones who also feels the same way about this space.

somewhere to share with someone I love

somewhere to share with someone I love


Maybe in my bones I like to decorate and clean, which is how I define the process of homemaking- an indispensable part of my life.I am planning to use this blog as my main blog page to share and organize my homemaking ideas and projects. Hope my blog can light up a cozy little corner your heart and put a smile on your faces :)

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